Digital discovery: evaluation

As part of your commitment to the piloting and improvement of the Digital discovery tool we ask you to help us evaluate it. This doesn’t involve you in anything complicated!

  1. Please encourage your users to complete the end-user evaluation form. This can be found on the user dashboard once they have logged in to the potentially system.
    When users have completed an assessment and received their report, they can return to the dashboard by clicking on the Jisc icon. If you arrange for at least some of your users to complete the discovery tool in a live, supported session, you can remind them to do this as well as offering them any support they may need to plan their next steps.
  2. Please run a consultation session or focus group with some of your users. Click below to download some slides that you can use to help you. You can adapt these however you like. We ask that participants record their responses either on post-it notes or on a shared digital noticeboard such as padlet, and that you forward those responses to us. There is also a document to help you run card sorts, which you can photograph and forward to us with any notes you make of the discussion. If you need more information about running focus groups and card sorts can find it in the Guide: engaging learners produced as part of our work on the Digital tracker.
  3. Please complete the institutional lead evaluation form which you will be sent towards the end of the project. This allows you to tell us how the Digital discovery tool has been used, how it has been of benefit, and how we can improve things for the future.

If you have any questions about the data we are collecting from users when they first sign up to the Discovery tool, you can find more information in this online document. There is also a data protection statement on our essential information page.