Digital discovery: guidance for institutional leads

Welcome to the Digital discovery tool pilot! This page contains links to all the guidance you need to run a successful project. There is a brief page of Guidance for end users of the Discovery tool – available from their dashboard at log-in – that you might also want to be familiar with.

The guidance

  • Essential information! Your role as a pilot institution, your responsibilities and Jisc’s, including how we will ask you to evaluate and provide feedback on your experience
  • Planning to use the Digital discovery tool: your aims, engaging key stakeholders, resourcing the project, deciding who to work with
  • Engaging users: encouraging staff and students to use the discovery tool; establishing trust; communicating about the project; supporting users to make good use of their experience; providing development opportunities; following up
  • Responding to your data: what data you will receive; how to interpret the data; responding to user requirements and needs; closing the circle (coming soon)
  • Frequently asked questions – regularly updated with insights from our pilot projects
  • Case studies from an earlier round of Digital discovery pilots
  • Organisational approaches to Digital Capability: a publication and strategic guide
  • Basic information about the Digital discovery tool and a series of relevant blog posts.

The process

  1. Pilot mailing list established: 22 November 2017 (
  2. Guides released (detailed planning begins): 12 December 2017
  3. Webinar for institutional leads: 10 January 2018 (link to recording)
  4. Tool released (roll out to staff begins): 15 January 2018 (link to blog post)
  5. First data returns available: TBC
  6. Your evaluation/feedback returned by: 31 May 2018


Please use our mailing list to discuss issues and share your experiences as a community; we will also use the list to communicate with you all. You can email the list at:

The Jisc digital capabilities blog and these pages will be the best way of keeping up to date with developments.To contact the Jisc digital capabilities team directly with any queries please email us at: