Engaging users with the Digital discovery tool

There are only a few weeks to go before we wrap up this pilot phase of the the Digital discovery tool, but still time to get new users involved. Some pilot sites have finished engaging users and are now evaluating how things have gone, but others are still looking for staff and students to give the discovery tool a try.

There are five new promotional posters from the Jisc team that can help. These can be adapted with an institutional logo and the details of any live workshops or support materials.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 23.17.53

Download your posters here:

There are other ideas for engaging users on our Guidance page: Engaging users.

Thinking ahead, lead contacts at all the pilot sites will be sent a survey about their experience on 5 June. The survey is quite comprehensive, as this is our best source of information about how the Digital discovery tool is being used in practice. There are 15 questions, covering user engagement, support and follow-up for the discovery tool, and whether there have been any individual or organisational benefits. We ask for this to be completed by 30 June.

Before completing the form, we suggest that leads run a focus group or consultation event with users. This will allow evidence to be gathered that can help to answer the evaluation questions. There are materials for running consultation events on our Guidance page: evaluating with users, but this doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as getting some users together and exploring a couple of the questions on the evaluation form.

Just now, we are using all the valuable feedback from users to make some refinements. You may notice these in the questions and feedback for staff. There will be more significant updates once the pilot has finished. It’s really helpful if you can point your users to these feedback forms, which are found on their dashboards. We can only make things better with their help – and yours!


3 thoughts on “Engaging users with the Digital discovery tool

  1. Luisa

    Hi Helen, thank you to you and your colleagues at JISC for all the information you’ve provided on the discovery tool. At my institution we are exploring approaches to understanding student digital capabilities and have found these resources very useful. I know the discovery tool project is to be completed in a month or so, but are you able to tell me how new institutions might be able to engage with the discovery tool after this time? I’ve googled without success, so hope you don’t mind my question. Thanks very much! Luisa

    1. Helen Beetham Post author

      Hi Luisa, thanks for your comment. Jisc will be rolling out the discovery tool to UK organisations from September. I think there will be an announcement about this soon, but I will ask the Jisc team to give you a more exact response.

      1. Luisa Rossitto

        Thank you for the reply! I am at an Australian University (QUT), in case this has bearing on the response.


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