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Framing digital capabilities for staff – deliverables

Now that these deliverables from the ‘framework’ project have been nicely designed by Jisc, I can share them with everyone who has been involved – and with those of you who are just interested to know more.

Apart from the six elements themselves – which have been through an extensive process of consultation – the remaining resources are examples of what could be done with the six elements and are not meant to be definitive. Feel free to adapt and adopt them to your own setting. Further blog posts will follow about embedding these outcomes institutionally, and about the work that is ongoing with Jisc’s partner organisations.

Digital capability: the 6 elements: high level framework with brief background describing its development from an earlier Jisc model




Digital_capabilities_leader profile

Digital_capabilities_organisational model, a version of the digital capability model produced to support Jisc’s Digital Leadership offer. This is in further development.

Landscape review – key issues in learning, technology and organisational futures impacting on staff in UK HE and FE

Frameworks review – review of frameworks defining professional roles and digital capabilities relevant to staff in UK HE and FE

Frameworks mapped to 6 elements – enabling more detailed development of the six elements for different professions, subject areas, and organisational settings

Report: Deepening Digital Know-how: Building Digital Talent 

Reference list – open / editable list of references used in the compilation of the other deliverables for the project, with indicative quotes from key articles and sources

In the next blog post I’ll share some examples of the framework in use by professional bodies and institutions, and some ways in which it is being explored by organisations outside of UK HE and FE. Please feel free to comment below.

Update: links updated to reflect final versions of documents uploaded to the Jisc repository.


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The Digital_capabilities_organisational model link leads to the learner profile…

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