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Digital capability is an agenda for organisations across the sectors of education. But how best to take it forward in your own setting? Time and again we hear that examples from practice are what people need to turn inspiration into action. There is no substitute for learning from people who have tried and succeeded, and although we can’t bring you those people directly, we have done the next best thing. Through interviews with key players and a look at the background evidence for each case we have produced a series of written reports on organisations that are making a difference.

You can explore the full list of case studies from the links above and from the Digital capability project page. Each one starts with a general overview so you can judge how relevant the lessons might be in your own setting. Some of the ideas, though, will be relevant to everybody. We have drawn these together in a summary report, Journeys towards digital capabilities, which lists the lessons learned at the different case study sites. These cover: frameworks and definitions; other strategic approaches; development strategies (personal and curriculum change); motivation and reward for staff; and ideas for working with students.

In the next post we hear from some key change agents whose stories feature in the case studies, and who also presented their experiences at Digifest.

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