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The role of digital skills, and the roles of leaders in education engaging in digital skills has been highlighted in a variety of reports including the Select Committee on Digital Skills own report, Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future. However, the recognition of need for leaders to exploit technology goes back as far as Dearing (1997).

Having completed a scoping exercise and through a series of structured stakeholder conversations Jisc have begun developing a Digital Leadership Programme. Initially this will consist of a short course, online materials and webinars. However, it is intended for the resources to grow and develop.

In addition to the versions for teaching staff and researchers included in the core framework, Helen Beetham has now developed a version for digital leaders (shown in the slide show below) which will be used as the basis for the Jisc digital leadership offer.

The Digital Capabilities framework is now mapped against two elements of Leadership:

  • Being an  effective digital leader/manager (personal/professional development)
  • Leading/ managing an effective digital organisation or part of an organisation (organisational development)

The short presentation shows more detail about the two elements are mapped against the six capabilities:

  • ICT proficiency = core skills
  • Information, media and data literacy = critical use
  • Creation, scholarship and innovation = creative production
  • Communication, collaboration and participation
  • Learning and self-development
  • Identity and well-being

2 replies on “Supporting Digital Leadership”

Hi Lawrie,

It’s really good to see some thinking starting to emerge about how digital leadership can be supported and linking it to the digital capabilities framework. Engagement with senior leaders around digital considerations was a theme that came out of the UCISA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities event. Have you considered linking it with the requirements of Principle Fellowship of the HEA UKPSF to help demonstrate the benefit of senior leaders engaging with this.


Hi Elaine, we are really at the early stages of this, Helen Beetham mapped the various frameworks and as done some excellent work in teasing out the nuances of professional development, when we start developing the materials we will certainly be trying to ensure that we consider a variety of them, including the UKPSF.

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